Moving to Sourcehut

For quite some time I have been leveraging Gitlab and Netlify for the site hosting. It was pretty convenient as it allows me to write up a post, commit, and then push it to the repository and deploy automatically with a CDN. Netlify had a great tutorial for site hosting that guided me down the path of using Hugo to begin with.

I’ve been using Sourcehut off and on for hosting some small repositories, and I recently noticed they released sourcehut pages, a static website host. What an excellent opportunity to reduce my account footprint!

Migrating git repositories in general is pretty straightforward. However, I decided that I didn’t really need any history on the website so I just copied the current files and pushed to a new repository on Sourcehut.

I also deleted tons of files and subfolders that were originally used for Netlify build scripts and an admin portal that never really worked well. For packing and deployments, there was decent documentation on how to automate deployments with with even a Hugo example!

I think overall my GTmetrix score went down by a point or two due to some optimizations that Netlify performed (providing a CDN and some compression), but in general everything is running buttery smooth! Paying attention to the payload, I have noticed that this website seems to have an excessively large amount of javascript for how minimal it is.

Updating the theme will be my next project. Maybe Simple.css?

Day #20 of #100DaystoOffload