Linux Laptops Part 2: Choice Made

September 27, 2021
3 minutes

This is the follow-up post on Window Shopping for Linux Laptops. I recieved several excellent recommendations from the Fosstodon community that I missed in my original post:

When it comes to technology, sometimes I suffer from analysis paralysis. However, after missing a few keystrokes from my faulty laptop keyboard, a decision was made:

Screenshot of Framework Laptop Order

As you can see above, I ordered the DIY version of the framework laptop, choosing to skip the hard drive, RAM, and operating system.

Some considerations on choosing this laptop over the others:

That being said, here’s the cons I am accepting from choosing this:

Should you get a framework laptop?

I normally stick to proven solutions instead of cutting edge or kickstarter type projects. I used the work “hope” quite a bit on the positives of the system. In essence, this solution seems good enough with what is currently available that I’m willing to take a risk and support a company with values that I relate to.

Not everyone has this luxury; if you are looking for a company with more stability and support I would go with my backup choice of System76. If you’re not in a rush, I would wait for Framework to prove itself and see if everyone is still feeling positive after owning this for 6 months.

That being said, I really do hope to be praising the successes of Framework next year. :-)

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