Goodbye Twitter

April 17, 2021 |

Twitter has been something that I’ve been debating on removing for a while. I’ve read that you should delete all the individual tweets as well, so I used this service: TweetDelete It takes your Twitter login information and will run a batch job to delete up to 3200 tweets at a time. You can’t follow me on Twitter anymore, but you can on Fosstodon. Day 13 of #100DaysToOffload

Theme Update

March 27, 2021 |

Short post! The focus today is less on content, but a lot of visual flair on the site. Since I mentioned about less reliance on Dark Mode, I wanted to update the dull coloring to something more bright. I’m contemplating using Kev Quirk’s Simple.css, but I will have to create a theme by scratch for Hugo to incorporate it to my current site. I currently picked a decent minimal theme called Cactus.

Terminal Tuesday - The Beginning

December 22, 2020 | 2 minutes

When I first started using Linux over Windows, I was looking for a flexible working environment that also respected privacy and celebrated open source software and community. Most people I run into who use Linux (which isn’t a whole lot) seem to start for similar reasons. Like most beginners, I avoided the terminal as much as possible for fear of messing things up to an unrecoverable state. I was I was interested in keeping my workflow closer to a drop-in replacement for Windows.

Regarding OBS, Plugins, and Flatpak

December 19, 2020 | 6 minutes

From a spur of the moment idea with the Mrs., I am prepping for a family game night with Jackbox 7. I bought a prevous version of it on the Nintendo Switch as it was the most portable way to play it with friends and family. Jackbox has suggestions on how to play remotely most likely due to COVID-19. They have setup instructions for Google Hangouts and Zoom. Curiously, Jitsi, an open source alternative is not represented.

Moving From Ubuntu to Fedora

October 22, 2020 | 4 minutes

This post took a little longer than expected, as I inadvertently deleted my draft copy with several notes while migrating. Ubuntu has been my recent distro of choice and I even upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04. Since then, I’ve read so many nice things on Fosstodon about Fedora 32, I decided to give it another try. I’ve tried Fedora in the past and I had a couple concerns about moving away from Ubuntu:

Short Game Reviews: Bundle, Part 1

October 19, 2020 | 3 minutes

What seems like an eternity ago, I picked up the Racial Justice and Equality bundle that was hosted on I was initially attracted to the big name titles that were included, but now that I’ve had a bit of extra free time I’ve been able to peruse and try out a few more. I’m listing out the ones that I think are worth giving a try. Games are sorted alphabetically.

Starting With Mycroft

June 13, 2020 | 2 minutes

This post was inspired by Mike Stone’s post on using Mycroft. Setting up my personal Mycroft instance looked like a fun experiment to try out on my Raspberry Pi, which is mostly idle from Pi-hole. Mycroft isn’t a package that comes directly from the Raspbian (or Debian for that matter) repository, so you have two options to get it: Download source from Git and compile Grab a docker image and run Since the Raspberry Pi isn’t a high powered device, I decided to go with trying Docker instead of sitting around waiting for compilations to finish.

Testing Migadu for Emails

May 26, 2020 | 3 minutes

I’ve been playing around with Tutanota as an alterantive to GMail for a few months. Although it has a discrete email client with calendar that’s privacy focused, I never could get enough traction to get it to stick. It felt like additional maintenance instead of a viable alternative. I’m sure that it works for certain workflows, just not mine. I recently installed Yunohost for a private Pleroma and WordPress instance, and it came with email hosting for the domains as well.

GSConnect on Ubuntu

May 17, 2020 | 2 minutes

Ever since Google Reader was shut down, I have been progressively reducing my reliance on Google. My recent focus has been to stop using Google Messages for my SMS client on my phone. Google Messages has been very convenient to allow me to read and reply to SMS on my PC. Setup time only involves scanning a QR code on the browser to start messaging. I keep a tab pinned on all my PCs for Messages.

Computer Glasses

May 16, 2020 | 2 minutes

I’ve been mulling over Kev’s opinion of Dark Mode, and wanted to share my perspective. I am constantly staring at a plethora of different screens: TV, laptops, mobile phones, and various Nintendo handhelds over the years. After staring at something for hours on end, yes, I do get eye strain. I try to step away and take a break, but sometimes you get in your flow state and it’s hard or undesirable to break free.